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Make mealtime fun again!

Even though it’s a good idea to turn off the TV, computer or gaming device before mealtime, that doesn’t mean you can’t make eating fun for your child.

Here are some ways to get kids to eat healthier by having fun:

Make a game.

Even something like shopping for vegetables can be fun. Have your child find fruits and vegetables that start with each of the letters of the alphabet. You may find that apples become their new favorite fruit.

Get creative with names.

Sometimes getting your child to try new food, or simply getting him or her to try something for a second time, is as easy as getting creative with the food’s name.

Let your child help.

Getting your child involved with meal preparation can increase interest in trying different foods. Let him or her participate in helping prepare the next meal or snack.

Here are some additional Web sites with games for kids that are great for reinforcing nutrition:

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