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Tips for improving your child's
eating habits.

Understanding the major food groups and proper portion size is a good start, but sometimes it’s not enough. Here are some tips on how to help improve your child’s eating habits:

Only food at the table.

Avoid allowing your child to eat in front of the TV, computer or gaming device. Distractions from the food in front of a child can lead to decreased food intake.

Food can be fun.

Sometimes the fear of eating something new prevents children from trying food they may very well like. Allowing your child to taste a little bit of something new and spit it out if they don’t like it, or even touch or play with new food, can lead to acceptance of that food.

When is it time to eat?

Creating a structure at mealtime by eating with your child or as a family can make meals a regular part of the day. Giving children three meals and two or three snacks a day on a regular schedule provides structure and tends to make them more comfortable with the idea of eating.

Go ahead and try it!

Changing the presentation of foods your child may not like on first taste might help bring new enthusiasm to eating. For example, instead of serving fruit slices, create a fruit shake with fresh fruit in a blender: Blend BOOST® Kid Essentials Drink with a banana or some berries for a nutritious snack.

Kick the day off right.

Starting the day with food, even if its something small, kick-starts the metabolism and can increase the desire for food later in the day. BOOST Kid Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink can be a great option for breakfast time.

Take cues from your child’s attitude.

Give your child his or her largest meal when you know his or her appetite is best. Be encouraging and supportive during meal times, but try not to get frustrated, as this can lead your child to associate stress with eating.

A new interest in where food comes from.

Taking your child grocery shopping is a good way to build interest in different types of food, nutrition and general questions about where food comes from.

Have your child participate.

Including your child during meal preparation can increase their interest in meals. Allow your child to participate while you teach them about nutrition and the different food groups.

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