Nutrition For Growing Strong

BOOST® Kid Essentials™ balanced nutritional drink in the 4 pack is no longer available in retail stores. However, BOOST® Kid Essentials™ drink in the 24-count case will continue to be made available for use under the guidance and recommendation of a consumer’s healthcare provider, because we know how important it is to maintain availability of the BOOST® Kid Essentials™ drink, particularly for our tube-fed patients.*

BOOST® Kid Essentials™ drink is available to purchase through, Amazon, and many local pharmacies.

Click on “Shop Now” to order! If you have any questions, please contact us a 1-800-284-6421, Monday-Friday, 8 am.-8 pm. EST.

With protein and a vitamin, mineral and nutrient blend BOOST® Kid Essentials™ Nutritional Drink provides balanced nutrition to help kids grow.

*Please consult your health care professional before using BOOST® Kid Essentials™ for tube-feeding.


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